Cant fullscreen video unless "opened with" video player

Phillip 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3


If I double click a video file it opens in the image viewer with the left right arrows. It plays fine, however there is no full screen button. (I can full screen with a right click, but there is no icon or double click to full screen)

If I right click open with and choose video player I can full screen as expected.

Is this a setting I havent found or a bug?

Related but seperate, is there an option im the image viewer to view images in full screen?



Under review

Most browsers offer the option to full screen a playing video:

For browsing photos full screen, you can only press F11 to full-screen your browser.

Hi Vlad,

Sorry for the delay, I didnt get an email telling me there was a reply.

I dont have the fullscreen option you indicate. I can right click to go to fullscreen. But I cant double click to go fullscreen.

If I right click the file and open with the video player, I can double click and have the icon to go to full screen.

Re the photos, f11 is a bit better but it still the arros and file name etc.