cannot upload folders

Antonio P 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 4


When I use Filerun at the University I cannot upload folders , only files. But when I am at home I can upload folder without problems. Does Filerun use another tcp port for this purpose that should be opened? 

Thanks in advance 

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Uploading folders works exactly on the same principles uploading files works. The only difference is that the browser collects the list of contained files and gives them to FileRun for uploading, individually. The folder structure is recreated by FileRun from the provided relative path.

Perhaps you are using a different browser? Chrome, Edge and Firefox support uploading folders. If you are using any of these, make sure they are up to date.

Ok , thank you , I'll check it out and I will update this thread later.


Finally , it was  an issue with a web application firewall which was blocking massive upload . After applying a new policy in firewall , it worked.