Massive problem with sort order.

Andreas L 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 7

to continue a discussion of the past. I want to bring the topic on the table again. The problem is still the sort order of pictures in shared links. As Vlad mentioned, that this problem with the date-sort-order, should be solved with a major update of filerun. Now the sort oder should be alphabetical! I installed the update twice - but the sort order of pictures is still random.

I hope that you can fix this issue. Because then I would go for payed licenses for two companies.

Thanks a lot!

Under review

If you own an Enterprise license you will receive a patch for this right away. With the free FileRun version you can only wait for the next update.

Thank you Vlad, I think about buying the enterprise version 20+

I have Filerun running but I cannot use it since months because the sort order is still an issue. That is really unsatisfying.

I am haunted by this sort-order-issue since the beginning with filerun. I awaited your update, as you promised now it should be sorted alphabetically. Thats what I needed.

Now I have updated the version - and did a new install but:

I figured out that the sort oder is correct in the filemanager but still not in weblinks.

Please help me with this reason. I talked to another company and recommended Filerun. They wanted to buy it, too. But when I showed it to the boss every file was mixed - what I didnt recognize before.

Please help!


Here some Screenshots:


The way we function is very simple. When there is a technical issue we provide patches to Enterprise customers so they do not have to wait for updates. We do not provide patches to users of the free version on the promise they will purchase a license. Not because we do not want to, because our resources are too limited to do so. Thank you for your understanding!

Hello Vlad,

I accept this - it sounds credible, that a patch can fix this bug.

To explain my approach: Currently I want to have surety about a trouble-free future with Filerun. I have some other issues wich are related to my hosting hardware. I everything looks solvable I instantly will buy your product.

Maybe I even have to switch my hosting to a dedicated server. But you told me that many users run Filerun on 1&1 shared hostings without problems.

Other blocking points are currently: Thumbnailcreation, sort order (seems solvable) and Android App (not compatible with Android 8)

Best Regards!

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