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Avatar images/image web link sharing not showing

ltotsas 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3

As my title says i have these problems, but first i will try to describe first my setup so you will have as many info you can. I have my cloud instance at home running on windows. It run on SSL and i expose it via ngrok because my ISP block all outbound connections in all ports (lucky me). My data come from my nas server which i mount first on windows and then on filerun instance. All the data are accessible perfectly from server as read/write. 

The problem is that the avatar image for each of the users is "not found". Either on localhost or accessing it through ngrok tunnel. The images for the users' avatar are taken within the samba drive. I have to mention though that when i managing the users' avatar as superuser at user account details i can see the image. 

Also when i try to share an image as web link when i am opening the link. Nothing is shown plus no errors on console. 

If someone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance.

It's a tough one to troubleshoot without access. You are welcome to contact us (https://filerun.com/contact) with a sample link (containing an image which does not load), so that we can have a look.

Contact message already sent!

Closed for lack of information