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Download stoppes after 6,84GB (unknown Error)

martinhotmann 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

I set up FileRun (free Version) on a Plesk Server and I'm using CloudFlare as a reverse Proxy and everything is just working fine.

Serverside I just unlimited every setting (PHP settings, runtime, Apache settings etc).

I'm highly statisfied with FileRun!

There is just one thing:

I uploaded a AIO Windows 7-10 Image (All in One Image) which size is about 14GB.

No mater if I use:

- jDownloader (with shared link).

- direct download

- Dav over NetDrive (which is working fine with other, DAV Network-Drives with big sizes)

FTP btw works properly but thats obvious.

I really opened everything Serverside so i really have no idea wether this is related to FileRun or CloudFlare, but CloudFlare have no Limitations when it comes to Downloads, also I uploaded more then 10GB directly (over the Webinterface) to my Server and had no problems there.

Any ideas where this problem might comes from?

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The settings that might limit the download is PHP's "max_execution_time" and, if used, FastCGI various timeout options, or even the proxies might have timeouts or other limits (usually added to prevent denial of service attacks). I can assure you that this is not a FileRun bug.

If you are using Apache, I highly recommend you to install the "mod_xsendfile" Apache module, and enable it in FileRun's control panel. This will speed up downloads and make sure PHP is not the problem.

Ok thanks I will try this extension and report back.


Closed for lack of information


what configuration must i make to use Filrun with an Subdomain and the https support with Lets Encrypt certifikation?

Kind regards, André