Session User

Setor de Ti P 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3

Create user session rule to keep only one session open, regardless of the browser used.
When user logs on to another browser, the system drops the previous session.

Setting an "Inactivity timeout" under "Login and registration" has the user automatically signed out of a session after the predefined inactivity period. Can it be a valid option for your particular case?


Yes, I already use this feature. but I can still connect at the same time in different places. goal is to keep a single login regardless of browser or place.

It is technically possible to reset previous sessions only if the option "Inactivity timeout" is not used (so that the session is kept in FileRun's database). This means that while you could have this functionality, there isn't going to be a session expiration time and the last login will not expire, unless a relogin happens. Would you still be interested in the option under these conditions?