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Desktop sync "not allowed becuase you don't have permission to add subfolders to that folder"

Phillip 4 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2


I have a new issue. Using the nextcloud app I can sync thinks reasonably happily. However, If I create  a new folder on the pc within the @home directory it fails to sync to the server.

- I can create directories within existing directories.

- I can create directories in the home folder via the web.

- There is still space on the drive

I saw some comments online recomending sync hidden files in the app. This didnt seem to help.

Permissions are as follows:

I think this is right and it seems to work ok from the webapp.

Any thoughts as to why this might not be working in the base/home directory only? Is it a webdav issue?

Thanks in advance,


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I suggest redoing the sync settings from scratch, making sure the folders you already have on your computer are not set as read-only, and also making sure you are using Nextcloud (or higher) and the latest FileRun version (as there was a known issue withe older versions regarding folders being marked as read-only).

Hi Vlad,

I am running the lastest versions. I havent really made any progress here though.

I can make  directories and files in "@home" on the web app, or via webdav using a 3rd party program, but I cant in the nextcloud desktop app.

I have also tried the owncloud app and it also doesnt let me make folders or file in "@home".

It works as expected within subfolders.

Anthing else I can try?

(also the forum doesnt seem to send emails even when I am following a thread?)