Cut/Move Option

dennyhz 9 months ago in Feature requests • updated 8 months ago 4

Is there an actual Cut or Move action in Filerun? So far, this is what I current see is possible:

  1.  I can Click and Drag items onto other folders. This works for Moving items.
  2. I can Right-Click on an item and do a Copy/Paste....then Delete the original to effectively Move something.

It just seems peculiar to see a "Copy" action in the Right-Click context menu, but no "Cut" or "Move" action. Can we get such an action in the right-click context menu?

Under review

Moving items by drag and drop works fine. We'll wait and see if there is more interest in having a dedicated move option in the menu.

We are considering adding a move action, where one selects the destination folder in an easy way, and would require no dragging so that it works on mobile devices as well.

Yay for Cut/Move action! Thanks Dev. Look forward to it