Cut/Move Option

dennyhz 5 years ago updated by rlehman-borer 4 years ago 8

Is there an actual Cut or Move action in Filerun? So far, this is what I current see is possible:

  1.  I can Click and Drag items onto other folders. This works for Moving items.
  2. I can Right-Click on an item and do a Copy/Paste....then Delete the original to effectively Move something.

It just seems peculiar to see a "Copy" action in the Right-Click context menu, but no "Cut" or "Move" action. Can we get such an action in the right-click context menu?

Under review

Moving items by drag and drop works fine. We'll wait and see if there is more interest in having a dedicated move option in the menu.

We are considering adding a move action, where one selects the destination folder in an easy way, and would require no dragging so that it works on mobile devices as well.

Yay for Cut/Move action! Thanks Dev. Look forward to it

Drag and drop works fine when the number of files to manage is small, once it grows, things can get out of control real fast and a quick way to select destination folder from a right click menu would be very helpful


It has been implemented in the development version and will be included with the next update.

Yay! So glad to see this feature take flight!


The feature is included in the now available FileRun update. Copying and moving files and folders can be comfortably done now with a prompt for choosing the destination folder.