Chat App Integration

dean 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 6

if I wanted to add on an app on top of filerun like a sendbird chat app


how could I do this?

I would need to some how instruct it to run on start up and add area for the APP_ID

I think if it could be documented on how to create add in apps it would grow your project

Keep up the good work, filerun is awesome

Under review

If your chat doesn't give you the option of integrating it with just one line that loads an external file, you are better of with adding a link to open the chat, or a floating frame.

See: $config['app']['ui']['custom_js_url'] here: http://docs.filerun.com/advanced_configuration

Thanks, I'll have a play and send you my progress

Hi Vlad can you add multiple js files

this way over writes the first

$config['app']['ui']['custom_js_url'] = '/customizables/plugins/sendbird/build/widget.SendBird.js';
$config['app']['ui']['custom_js_url'] = '/customizables/plugins/sendbird/SendBird.min.js';

and an array doesn't seem to be recognised

$config['app']['ui']['custom_js_url'] = ['/customizables/plugins/sendbird/build/widget.SendBird.js'],['/customizables/plugins/sendbird/SendBird.min.js';]];

for me to get this running i would need to

  1. Add a div to the body     <div id="sb_widget"></div>
  2. Add a JS file                   <script src="SendBird.min.js"></script>
  3. Add another JS file         <script src="build/widget.SendBird.js"></script>
  4. Add an inline script possibly another js file  <script>sbWidget.start('APP_ID');</script>

it doesn't seem to hard just more difficult with protected code

You can't add multiple files from the PHP configuration. You can load any number of additional files from the file you included.