FileRun App not working under Andoid 8.0.0 ???

Andreas L 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 8

Wanted to try the filerun App but It doesnt start correctly. Just a blank screen. Please see screenshot.

Image 175


Same problem for me since more then 2 month.

But pls notice that the App is currently in Version 1.0.2 and got the kast time uupdated 01.11.2016.

So its the same Android 8.x compatibility issue which is already noticed in the forum 😉

Is there another way to use Filerun on Android as an app? I would like to use the native sharing for fast uploads from the phone as it works nicely in owncloud app.


Android <8.x:

Yes, use the App

Android >8:

Use the Webinterface.. sadly the App is not working yet.

How can a comercial product be so late?

Under review

You are using the free FileRun version, so nothing commercial there. The Enterprise usage is our priority and there is no urgency there.

Are you using FileRun Enterprise? (Paid?)

Or are you using FileRun as a free version?

Btw: this is a duplicated thread. ---> Link


Support for Android 8 and even 9, has been added to the app. Apologies for the wait.