Under review

Add ability for certain users per role to lookup/unlock user accounts.

Stephanie G 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

It would be grand if an option could be assigned to a Customer Service "Role" so that when a user calls in because they've locked their account out or forgotten their username. That this role could have very VERY limited admin abilities to simply lookup a user account via email or username and then have the ability to unlock the account once the user has "deactivated" the account because of to many invalid login attempts.

Under review

Allowing this limited admin to actually edit user accounts (change any of their settings) would be too much for your case?

Correct.  Essentially all I want a CSR rep to be able to do is lookup a user account and unlock it / maybe reset password for customer.  I would rather them not be able to change or even see any other section in the filerun control panel beyond user accounts.