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Office Plugin not working

Paul L 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 3

If I have Microsoft Office Documents set to open using the Office plugin, it returns an error like this...

We can't connect to "https://yourserver.com:4430/filerun/wl/rw/jhhWHWghWYWYUuyWYUW56GwerPOSP01/test.docx'. Please make sure you're using the correct web address.

The wl/rw/ folder exists on the server but the other stuff doesn't.

Tried the Office Web Viewer but that doesn't work either...

An error occured.
We're sorry, but for some reason we can't open this for you

Just for comparison, Google Docs Viewer works fine.


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The option works only with Apache with mod_rewrite enabled.

OK, thanks.

We use Abyss Server so I added the rules from FileRun/wl/.htaccess  to the URL rewrite panel in Abyss and I can now open Microsoft Office documents in Microsoft Office on my desktop..

I still can't get Office Web Viewer to work though.

What is the secret to making that function??

This information is quite important and should really be documented somewhere more obvious.

Your website says Filerun can do all these things and integrate with all these different services but fails to mention you have to jump through hoops to actually do it.  Your requirements page simply states what's needed for PHP and says "FileRun works great on all servers, Microsoft Windows included."


For anyone else using Abyss Web Server and want the Office Plugin to work.

URL Rewriting...

(and make sure "Append Query String" is unchecked on each rule)