Office Plugin not working

Paul L 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 21

If I have Microsoft Office Documents set to open using the Office plugin, it returns an error like this...

We can't connect to "https://yourserver.com:4430/filerun/wl/rw/jhhWHWghWYWYUuyWYUW56GwerPOSP01/test.docx'. Please make sure you're using the correct web address.

The wl/rw/ folder exists on the server but the other stuff doesn't.

Tried the Office Web Viewer but that doesn't work either...

An error occured.
We're sorry, but for some reason we can't open this for you

Just for comparison, Google Docs Viewer works fine.


Under review

The option works only with Apache with mod_rewrite enabled.

OK, thanks.

We use Abyss Server so I added the rules from FileRun/wl/.htaccess  to the URL rewrite panel in Abyss and I can now open Microsoft Office documents in Microsoft Office on my desktop..

I still can't get Office Web Viewer to work though.

What is the secret to making that function??

This information is quite important and should really be documented somewhere more obvious.

Your website says Filerun can do all these things and integrate with all these different services but fails to mention you have to jump through hoops to actually do it.  Your requirements page simply states what's needed for PHP and says "FileRun works great on all servers, Microsoft Windows included."


For anyone else using Abyss Web Server and want the Office Plugin to work.

URL Rewriting...

(and make sure "Append Query String" is unchecked on each rule)


I'm also having this problem, however mod_rewrite is enabled, so Don't know what to do…

I saw that my config file is mentioning RewriteEngine On, with some conditions, but related for Let's Encrypt redirections. I maybe have to add another condition here ?

Thanks for your help,

Filerun runing (god damn good !) on a Raspberry pi 1B+

For information, i get this error when opening from Edge Browser

{"success":false,"rs":false,"msg":"You are no longer logged in.","authError":true}

We do not have enough information to be able to help you with the problem. If you register your FileRun installation, you are welcome to contact us privately via e-mail (https://filerun.com/contact), with access information to your FileRun installation, so that we can check out and troubleshoot the problem for you.

Done, Thank you. I'll post solution when solved.

Hello, i connected nextcloud app for windows, it uploads files to the server, but i can't preview any uploaded file, jpg or avi etc, i can't download to, if i upload files thru web interface it is all ok, only next cloud application doesn't work

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I tried to create an user from my website under licence etc, but i do not receive any email, so i was not able to create an account.

Please drop us a quick message at info@filerun.com and we'll help you with the registration.

Ok, so (I'm the first anonymous guy). The problem is somewhat solved. I installed Filerun on a new server runnning macOS Server, and it works now flawlessly.

The problem seemed to be an apache issue the guys here at Filerun couldn't solve. As I was planning to change server anyway, I didn't dig to much after that. htaccess was correclty configured, and expected events allowing to get a link did happened, but still with that problem.

Thanks for the help though !

Ok, I'm turning back to you for the same plugin (You definitely have to do how to in the help documentation about that...).

I took some time to actualise this, but I actually still have some problems. I can open now the document in Office, but not saving. When security in office is active, I have to allow to open it complitly. Once allowed, Office wants to reopen it, but the link is not valid anymore...

I turned off the security stuff, to open it. This time, I can edit it, click on save, and office is doing so. But when reopening the office document, nothing has changed.

Any Idea on that ?


The plugin provides only an open/preview function. Changes would not be saved back to the server.

For editing files without downloading and reuploading, I recommend you to use WebDAV (http://docs.filerun.com/webdav).

Oh, ok, sad to hear, thought it was possible... Any chance to have that feature ? Because Office seems wanting to update the file ! (Don't know where though)

Would be a killing feature too !

I am having the exact same problem when trying to open a file with my locally installed Office product: 

We can't connect to "https://yourserver.com:4430/filerun/wl/rw/jhhWHWghWYWYUuyWYUW56GwerPOSP01/test.docx'. Please make sure you're using the correct web address

I am using filerun via docker - does this mean that there is no mod_rewrite solution built into the docker image?

I was having the same problem. When I enabled mod-rewrite in the docker container, the file opened perfectly in Office (Word).

would you mind sharing how you did that please?

1. Put the following code in a file rewrite.conf:

LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_rewrite.so

2. Mount this rewrite.conf file inside you docker container by putting the following in your docker-compose file:


- /path/to/local/dir/rewrite.conf:/etc/apache2/conf-enabled/rewrite.conf

3. Recreate your filerun-container with your new compose file. Apache inside the filerun-container should automatically pick up the extra configuration.


There is also a Docker image which comes with this already enabled. It is under the tag "afian/filerun:libreoffice".