Metadata search by default

whiterisk 6 months ago in Feature requests • updated 4 months ago 6

Are there any future plans to implement a metadata search by default and not only by selecting the specific metadata field? This is rather clumsy. This feature is crucial for our use case. Maybe the Google Drive approach would be a possible solution.

Under review

The search function is going to be redesigned with the upcoming update, making this task easier.

Awesome, great to hear! Do you have any idea when the next release will be?

Hey Vlad, great that you made the new release possible so quick. In the release notes you wrote the following:

  • The default search mode (name, contents or metadata) can be set from the control panel.

I can't find this setting in the control panel. Is it only available in the enterprise version or did I just overlook it?


You are right, seems to be available only in the Enterprise version. I'll get back to you with a patch for this.


Great, thank you man. I think it would be great if there would be a possibility to search any metadata field and the filename at the same time. That would be nice.

Other question: If search results are displayed and you switch to thumbnails the search disappears. Is this the desired behavior?