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Share "private web link" with existing users

websitesupport 3 weeks ago in Feature requests • updated by Vlad R 3 weeks ago 1

Love the software, nice work!

The glaring omission I see is sharing "private web links" to existing users. Some reasons I might want to do this include:

  1. I want to link directly to a file or folder within FileRun. If I shared this private link, the user would be prompted to enter their username and password before they are re-directed to the private link.
  2. I want the shared file or folder protected at all times without sharing a public web link.
  3. I don't want to create a password for the web link. This would be a poor user experience for the user to enter their login credentials and a file password.

A common use case would be if I had a webpage that linked to several unrelated documents. I would want to link to each of the documents with their own unique URL, such as:

  • support-document.pdf (/#/HOME/Support/support-document.pdf)
  • rma.pdf (/#/HOME/RMA/rma.pdf)
  • drivers.zip (/#/HOME/Drivers/Model/RF3000/driver.zip)

I would not want to set passwords for each of these documents above, but rather set these as private web links, forcing the user to login once to gain access to all private links.

Under review

Is it important to access these files through the FileRun user interface (where you have various options) or would it be fine if this would work like current web links work (providing simple and direct access straight to the file)?

P.S. The later option would be relatively easy to implement in a future FileRun update. The first one I am not even sure it is doable with a reasonable amount of work.