Access via HTTP System/Data/Default_Home_Folder/...

Stephanie G 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4

Good morning, I'm trying to access a file by going directly to it via http yet I keep getting permission denied - I don't have access to this document. 

I've checked the file permissions on the files and they have the ability to read and execute.

Is there something I'm missing? I'd like to be able to access these on the fly so when our users update the file it is automatically updated on the website.


For accessing files directly (bypassing FileRun), they need to be located in a public area of your web server. That means inside the folder "www" (or "public_html" or "inetpub", depending on your server configuration).

So perhaps the URL you are trying to access the files does not actually point to the file's location in the server's filesystem?

No it is in the the public directory. This server uses httpdocs as the public dir  and that's where this resides in.

According to the web host the server has locked this directory down, are there any security risks if this particular folder was accessed outside of filerun?

The "httpdocs" directory is supposed to be accessible. If you wish to access files that reside in that folder, there shouldn't be any problems and your web hosting tech support should help you achieve that.