FileRun software update released: 2018.05.22

Vlad R 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 18

For details please see the changelog: https://www.filerun.com/changelog

If you are having troubles installing this update, feel free to reply to this post.

I don't see a post below. 

I get this error on the update install....

update.php is corrupted.

Developer info: de:1 met:30 ml:512M
Cleaning after previous update...Done
Extracting update...Done
Running update:
The file /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/filerun/system/data/temp/_unzipped_update/update.php is corrupted.

It probably means that you are running PHP 7.0 with ionCube 6. You would need to update ionCube (http://docs.filerun.com/ioncube) to version 10.1+.

Updating database structure...
UPDATE `df_settings` SET `val` = '0' WHERE `var` = 'search_enable'
INSERT INTO `df_settings` VALUES (NULL, 'search_elastic_host_url', 'http://localhost:9200')

Having a problem? Kindly use words.

update stopped with this log and the old version was showing in the update assistant

later i changed a setting or two and saved it. version was instantly the newest and search working.

If it got to that point, it pretty much installed entirely. Perhaps just failed to update the version number. If you encounter troubles with the new version, don't hesitate to post about.

i want to update from php 7.0 to 7.2. do i need the full installpackage of the update for this? whene will it be released?

You should be able to update PHP to 7.2 without any change on the FileRun side. The only thing you need to make sure is that you are using the latest ionCube version (10.1+)

i get this error message in php 7.2, in 7.0 running fine

[04-Jun-2018 16:02:12 Europe/Zurich] PHP Fatal error:  The file D:\Software\webroot\files\system\functions\misc.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later.
 Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 7.1. in Unknown on line 0

Please see this page for information on how to upgrade a FileRun installation from PHP 5 to 7: http://docs.filerun.com/php7

I just set up a new instalaltion of FileRun and cant register, as no E-Mails are coming to my mail?

On the same Server I registered an other installation.

Is there anything that changed related to "sending Mails"?


Most probably the message ended up in spam/junk mail folder. The license keys can also be retrieved at any time from https://www.filerun.com/client-area/


Is there a way to update filerun on localhost? 

Tried to update to this version got no errors, but failed messages.

Checked PHP and ionCube before and all ok, Whats going wrong?

Updating "index.php" ......
Failed to install update. Please check above for error messages.

Given that it failed at updating "index.php", the permissions of the root folder of the FileRun installation does not allow PHP to make changes. (You would also see a related error message if you set "display_errors" to "On" in the PHP configuration, and try again. Or if you check the PHP error log.) Adjusting the folder's permissions should allow you to retry installing the update.

Document Root folder permisson was the problem, thanks for the help