http://www.thisismysite.com/filerun/#/HOME - Redirect?

Dave S 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 6

Can this [http://www.thisismysite.com/filerun/#/HOME] be redirected so I can avoid users bypassing my site and direct linking to the log in page?

I have set up the redirect in cPanel to the follwoing:

http://www.thisismysite.com/filerun/#/HOME > redirect to http://www.thisismysite.com/

http://www.thisismysite.com/filerun/ > redirect to http://www.thisismysite.com/

but the redirect set for...

http://www.thisismysite.com/oldfolder/ > redirect to http://www.thisismysite.com/ works fine.

Edit: The first two examples DONT work, the last example does work.

You could load FileRun from a custom HTML page in your website, containing a full-screen frame that loads FileRun.

So users would access something like "http://www.thisismysite.com/your-page.html" but the page would actually load "http://www.thisismysite.com/filerun/".

If you are using an authentication plugin that supports SSO, one solution to have the users skip FileRun login is to edit the plugin file (customizables/auth/[plugin-name].auth.php) and remove the "authenticate" function altogether.

I actually have the filerun running in an iFrame Joomla module. So when users go through my website, it all looks good and redirects fine. 

There are clients who still have the old "direct" link to the filerun interface, which, skips my website and links them directly to http://www.thisismysite.com/filerun/#/HOME

I am not familiar with SSO because I am not a programmer. But, removing the authentication function seems like a move that would make many of my Media Companies which I handle get very uncomfortable. 

There is nothing you can do to stop the users from accessing the FileRun installation URL. If you block that or add a redirect, FileRun will become inaccessible.

Authentication plugins, if configured with SSO (single-sign-on), they can redirect the users to your authentication system (Joomla login) instead of allowing the users to use the FileRun login form.

Thanks Vlad - I have been playing with the Joomla log in, but am not having any luck.

Do you have a more in depth tutorial for how to properly implement this and access the FileRun database with it? I just can't seem to get that to work. 

Kindly contact us via e-mail, so that we can provide more efficient assistance with this in a way where we can exchange specific details (such as URLs) while not making it public. Thank you!