[Request] Also move deleted Files to Trash if deleted from (Web)DAV

martinhotmann 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 1

I connected some Clients with NetDrive and gave them the ability to delete files and folders.

But now I realised, that if they delete something it does not go to trash (where I can restore it) it just gets deleted completely.

For Datasecurity reasons I would like it to also move Files/Folders which gets deleted by DAV to Trash. (and just the Admin should be able to clear the Trash)

@Vlad R: do you thing this is possible?


Files and folders deleted by any method, web, API, mobile or WebDAV, are deleted to the trash folder.

Note that when deleting files that do not belong to the user, but are shared by another user, the files go to the owner user's trash folder.