Failed to create folder. (Undefined index: expiry)

Eric P 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 7

I get this when trying to create the original superuser directory. I'm sure it's a PHP write issue, but how do I go about getting this going?

So found that my host doesn't allow mkdir outside of public_html. :\

That is unusual. You should have at least one folder that is private. Make sure you set a ".htaccess" file to block access to the folder you create for users files. You can copy one from the FileRun "system" folder.

I have the same issue. I'm currently using bluehost. 

Not sure if it was related, but my issue went away when I was able to upgrade PHP to 7. This put my PHP and IonCube version in alignment and worked afterwards.

I succeeded to do this by using the serveur path until the right folder with the good user and good permission. 


Why wouldn't you write what a "good user" and what the "good permissions" were?


Because it depends on each server's configuration. It isn't something that matches all setups. It varies based on the HTTP server, how PHP is installed, the operating system, if SElinux is installed, etc.
More information on how to check and set proper file/folder permissions for a particular system user to write, you can find online, as this is not a FileRun related topic.