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Export Metadata

ursiseli 4 weeks ago • updated by Patrick E 2 weeks ago 6

Is it possible to Export or Import all my Metadata in a csv-file?


Under review

There are no options currently, but if you'd tell us a bit on how you would use this, we'll consider adding some.


Do you have an idea to connect directly to the asset database? I would like to produce automatically with some metadata using my database publishing tool in Adobe-Indesign

I am not familiar with Indesign, but I doubt that you can connect to FileRun's database directly, as it is rather complex. You would need some custom application for it, or to export from FileRun in some easy to process format, like a spreadsheet.

If you would describe in details how you would like this to work, we can help better. I still don't know what it is you wish to achieve. Is it a simple list of file paths with metadata columns?

I woukd like to export from FileRun in some easy to process format, like a spreadsheet.

Can you describe in details how i would like this to work?

Greets Urs


Yes metadata columns of all metadata in my database would be great. Everything else I have under control



here's the first version of my import script: import.zip

Just unzip it to the filerun root folder. It includes database access from autoconfig.php and reads/writes directly to database tables. Please bee aware it is setup to write only to the meta field 'tags', but you can adjust it to your needs. Just get the corresponding field id from df_modules_metadata_fields.

You could also wrap the final foreach loop with another foreach iterating through an array of meta fields.

If you can follow my approach, it shouldn't be too difficult to setup an export script (which outputs a csv file) in the very same way.

Best regards, Patrick