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Hello everyone, I'm new and I just bought the FileRun product that I find indispensable and done really well. But I do not understand a thing, and I hope to get help from those who know more than me. I inserted FileRun into an iframe so I can use it as a plugin/tool on my management software (ERP). The header in this case shows the classic commands and I can select an image and do a multiselection of more images, download it, ecc...

Image 191

while if I insert the iframe into additional div with display:none; once forced the display to block or table, the menu is presented in a reduced version and you can not even to select the photos, they open on a single click!!!

Image 192

Help me understand what's going on ... thanks in advance

Under review

The menu bar automatically adapts to smaller screen sizes. Even if the DIV is hidden with "display:none", the IFRAME would probably still load FileRun in the background, but without a specified document size. I would recommend you to set a width and a height to the DIV, and hide it with "visibility: hidden" and show it with "visibility: visible".