Just installed but I can't upload anything

alecormio 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Hi there,

I'm playing a little with filerun, but I'm wondering why (I guess because of the php permission for filerun for the edit/upload of files? But how I can change that on my VPS?) I can't upload anything, the user interface when I log in looks empty now and if I try to click on "new" on the top left or try to drag and drop something, nothing happen.

Can anybody help me about? Thanks

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seems like I can't set the home folder of the superuser? That's why? But if I try to do that, I can't coz of PHP permission as I can get. But how I can set the permission? From where or which file? How? Thanks!


Setting a home folder for the user is a good start.

Seems like your question is more about setting folder permissions and less about FileRun. You should contact your server administrator or hosting service tech support for guidance on changing folder permissions on your particular server.

Well I'm on OVH VPS, so I should be free to change. the folder persmission settings are on 777 so all possibile, but the system still come back to me with

so now my question is: .htaccess ? how I can write it correctly to make your filerun working fine? Or doesn't matter the .htaccess?

I would like to understand and make it work, once I did that I will also buy the licence with 5 users since you products looks good, hopefully not too many bugs! Let's see eheh

I highly doubt that PHP is able to access "/" to create folders there. That is the root of your filesystem.

You should create that path via FTP or SSH and assign proper permissions to it, and use it as it is. The folder doesn't need to be created by FileRun.

I have created the folder, but the system keep telling me that the folder doesn't exist.

do I have to create that folder for the files storage inside some filerun folders? Coz via ftp I did it in the root and also inside the /filerun folder but the sys keep saying (the path is not valid or php can't access to it).

How I can make PHP access to this folder than?