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Too many ImageMagick instances on SBC !

roeldewit 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 1


Yesterday I gave FileRun a go on an Odroid XU4 single board computer. Performance was quite nice and I like were FileRun is going (even though there are a lot of rough edges). The main problem arises when using ImageMagick in combination with high resolution (30+ megapixel) files. Since this SBC has 8 CPU cores, FileRun opens 8 instances of ImageMagick. As a result these eat all of the available 2GB of RAM and most instances will not finish their processing due to running out of RAM. The only way to have the thumbnails generated is by refreshing the page many times. I can’t find any way to limit the maximum number of ImageMagick instances.

Also some options are quite confusing/somewhat undefined. When configuring a limitation like e.g. maximum file sizes. Don’t ask something along the lines of ‘Maximum file size’ but ‘Maximum file size in MBs’ or something similar. Now it’s trial and error to find out what exactly a setting does. I’ve bumped into a few of such cases yesterday and that’s a shame since such details can strongly influence the first impression people get from FileRun.

I’ve uninstalled FileRun again for now, but will definitely give it a new try if there is a way to define the maximum amount of ImageMagick instances that get opened at the same time..... since there is something I like very very much about FileRun :)

Under review

FileRun runs a single process for generating a thumbnail for a file. Then it's up to ImageMagick and how it is configured. You can read here about the observed behavior: https://www.imagemagick.org/script/openmp.php The multi-core feature can be disabled so that execution can be limited to a single thread. The linked page includes information on how to achieve that. If you want to give FileRun another try, I can even provide details on customizing the exact command that gets executed, if reconfiguring ImageMagick is not an option for you.

even though there are a lot of rough edges

We like to think about FileRun as highly-polished software. Perhaps there are more things we failed with, leaving you with that impression. Becoming aware of them would have us try harder.

When configuring a limitation like e.g. maximum file sizes.

Indeed that's not great. We'l improve it, so thanks for pointing out.