New to and just installed FR - can't create or set home folder

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Hey folks, I just found out abour FileRun and I'm really impressed so far.

However after the installation I have the problem that I can't set a home folder for my superuser or a new user I created.

So when I log in as the superuser I get the message:

The path of your home folder doesn't point to an existing folder. Please contact the site administrator.
Click here to access the application's control panel.

When I try to create a new folder under the premissions tab of the superuser I get the message:

Failed to create folder.
(Undefined index: expiry)

My webspace has a httpdocs folder where all the folders from different domains are located and I installed FileRun into it's own directory within a domains folder (/httpdocs/domain-name/filerun/).

I'm really curious about how I could solve this issue and start trying FileRun.

Anyone on here had simlier problems in the beginning and could help me?

PHP needs permission to read the folder found at the specified path. Trying to create the folder would also require write permissions for the path. On some hosting servers, PHP's access can be limited to a certain location, either through its configuration (like "open_basedir") or through the filesystem permission configuration.

So you need to use a path to a an existing folder, where PHP has permission to create folders. How to change the permissions of the folder, to allow PHP write access, depends on the server and its configuration.

Thank you for the answer.

I'm on a managed hosting plan. Is there something I can do? Never had any problems with various CMSs

Usually you can find the path of your home folder from the hosting control panel. If your FileRun installation is located at a path like "/httpdocs/domain-name/filerun/" you can start by setting the superuser's home folder to "/httpdocs/domain-name/filerun/system/data". The "system/data" folder is writable by PHP, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to install FileRun.

The hosting service tech support should be able to help you better, specifying which path you can use to store the user files safely (outside "httpdocs") and how to configure the folder's permissions so that PHP has access to it. If you are not allowed to use a folder outside "httpdocs", you can still use a folder inside FileRun's "system" folder, which should be protected by the included ".htaccess" file.

Hm...once I try that I get the message "The folder "/httpdocs" does not exists or it is not accessible by PHP." even though I have created a folder within the data folder.

On most hosting accounts, the paths look more like "/home/user/httpdocs/". When you connect via FTP to your server you usually see a relative path, set for the particular FTP account, not the folder's absolute path.

I am on a shared webserver and had the same problem.... Couldn't set the right path for the user's home folder.

My webhost PHP setting give a different path which worked for me. It my helps you to.




Both way was working for me.

Hope it helps you to