The file /home/<user>/<url>/index.php is corrupted.

anonymous 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 10


What does this error mean and how can ai fix it?


Make sure your PHP installation is configured with the ionCube extension version 10.1+ or newer.

my php version is 7.0 and ionCube Version is 10.2 still i am getting same error.

Make sure the file is not altered (exact number of bytes as the one from the installation zip archive). Some FTP programs can break them during upload.

Same problem, and no, they have the exact number of bytes

Make sure your PHP version is 5.6 or higher and ionCube is 10.1 or higher.

Hi, I have ionCube v6.1.0

But it work for moths, and today fail and gave me this error. Why ?

Maybe your file is actually corrupted.

I have the same issue. PHP version 5.6. Ion cube loader version 10.0.0.
The wizard give me this message
The ionCube Loader version 10.0.0 for PHP 5.6 is already installed but it is an old version. It is recommended that the Loader be upgraded to the latest version if possible.
I've repalced the file  ioncube_loader_lin_5.6.so with the most recent as written in the guide, but no changes are made.
My server is shared and I can't retart the web server
Can anyone help me?

my service provider moved from a stand alone server to Google Cloud services and I use Cpanel to access my web site.  Currently running for that version PHP 5.6 and IonCubeLoader 4.7.5 I'm getting that corruption message.  He has 7.2 with Version 10 IonCubeLoader - should i have him update that PHP service to 7.2?  My Current version of FileRun is 2018.05.22.  


Yes. Make sure ionCube is version 10.1+