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franco 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3


I run filerun version 2018.05.22

The personalised sort order for the files and folder located in "MY FILES" work great (it is saved even if i refresh my session) 

But sadly, under the section "PHOTOS > By Tags" it seems that my personnal sort order preference is not saved when i switch to another section or if i log out and log in again

Can you please fix this, or help me to fix this myself? If it's not a bug, it would be great if you could add this feauture.

Under review

The default sort order in that particular location is done by number of files per tag. I am guessing you would like it to be alphabetic instead?

(Not sure atm if it can be custom, as it works with an actual folder.)

thanks for yout reply :
"I am guessing you would like it to be alphabetic instead?" -- yes, and i would like it to stay ordered alphabetically even if i logout and login again or if i switch between other location (actually, the sort order is reseted by "number of files per tag" when i go to MY FILES location and go back to PHOTOS > BY TAG)

N.B : sorry for my broken english, i don't speak fluently this language.

Any news about this topic?