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Navigate Music Files using Keyboard Arrows, open directly

Roger Z 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Is possible for navigate music file and open directly to the player without enter?

And player seek with arrow --> without clicking first on the seek panel?


Under review

Double-clicking also works for starting playback on a certain file.

Will definitely look for a solution for seeking without having to focus the seek bar.

Hi there, thanks for the answer.

I found a solution for a single click: js/fileman/grid/panel.js 

line54 'rowclick': function (grid, rowIndex, e) {

Just so you know, this change would remove the standard double-clicking action and would prevent selecting multiple files using CTRL+Click (as each click would trigger the file open).

yes i know, but its no a problem. But with the keyboard, i must clicking always the enter for preview, can we change for open music without an enter key?

Any update in this section? I need my keyboard arrows for seeking music....