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Able to delete files but not folders

pja januszewski 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3


i've managed to setup filerun on my Ubuntu 16.04 server running php 7.0 and enable SSL via using a cert from letsencrypt. Also added a user and can edit, add, delete files.

But for some reason i am able to create folders but can not delete them..

Im completely new to php and mysql does anyone have an idea where to begin?

Any tip appreciated,

~ Eden

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Whenever possible FileRun log an error message for failed operations. You can try to look inside the control panel, under the user "Activity logs", perhaps you can find some troubleshooting information there.

Otherwise, you could check the PHP "error_log" for related entries. The path of the error log file is either dictated by the PHP configuration, or in some cases it can be found inside the FIleRun "system/data/temp" folder.

Can be closed. 

Shamefully had to realize I was always clicking on the blue highlited button... Wich said CANCEL.. 

User error at its finest.

Thanks & sorry for the confusion