Add paths to 'df_paths' table via external process

leon 4 years ago updated by Patrick E 4 years ago 1

Hello, is it possible to add the paths to the 'df_paths' table though an external process? We have multiple workflows using our own databases that we would like to connect to FileRun. One of the processes involves uploading new product photography to a location where FileRun users have access. The next process adds important custom metadata to FileRun’s tables directly. That part already works for existing photography, except it's only possible when the proper 'df_paths' entries are already in place. What fields in 'df_paths' do we need to fill out in order for the thumbnails to be generated by cron job? Thanks in advance!

Please see this related topic: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/383-import-and-export-metadata

This is newer version, supporting logs and multiple import files. You can run the script from cron. 


Best regards, Patrick