[TAGS] Modifying/deleting tags for multiple pictures

franco 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 months ago 3

we are using filerun 2018.05.22
I woul like to modify or delete the tag for a selection of pictures. If i select more than 1 pictures, the tags is not displayed in the file info tab (in the bottom of the far right section). Even if i right click the selection, there is not a option to do this (only the option ADD TAGS)

My question : is there a trick to do this? If not, can you please add this feauture, as it will be very usefull for a lot of users (including us) Thanks

Please add this feature!
We recently were looking into adding tags to our images and wanted to try this out.

We quickly discovered, however, that you cannot delete tags from a selection of multiple items.

When multiple times are selection, the tags that are shown should be either a union or intersection of all the tags on the selected items. (Maybe with the option for either)


It is already done in development. The update is under testing and will soon be available.