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Hi everyone!

We have install FileRun standard edition in our fileserver to use web interface for loking for PDF files, our architecture we have multiple folders (A-2010,A-2011, A-2012, etc....) and in each folder we have +2000pdf files.

Our problem that when we enter to some folder like A-2010, file run make a important time to show files and permit us to look for one,

Such as as a home directory we have a network shared folder.

Have someone any idea to resolve this ?

Thank you for your responses!



If you have already browsed all the folders through FileRun, the search should be instant, regardless of the fact that the file storage is remote, as FileRun is indexing the file names in its database. You can index the whole folder manually, by right-clicking it, "More options", "Properties", "[Index filenames]". Note that you need to be logged in as superuser to get the "Properties" menu option.

first thank you very much for your instant response
the problem that dailly we add more pdfs files over 300pdf/day

should i do this procedure dailly ?


Are you adding the files from outside FileRun? (If the files get uploaded through FileRun, they get automatically indexed for searching.) If so, you can use the "index_filenames.php" command line tool: http://docs.filerun.com/command_line_tools And if you don't want to do it manually, you can have a cron job automatically run the command from time to time.

thank your very much

ths pdf files are not uploaded through FileRun, some users scan documents directley in a fileserver, other users use filerun with home directory the path of scanned files, to look for scanned documents, that the way how we use filerun.

for second time thank you very much for your professionalism and instant response and thank you for your great tool filerun.