Thumbnail Cleanup

Paul L 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3

Not sure if this is a bug or by design but when you view files, Filerun generates preview files and stores them in a thumbnails folder. When you delete files, they are not removed from the thumbnails folder so over time, this folder gets quite large and contains preview data that is no longer valid.  How do you clean this folder?

Forgot to mention I have the thumbnail cache custom set to...

$config['path']['thumbnail_cache'] = 'D:/FileRunTemp/thumbnail";


When you delete a file using FileRun, the cached thumbnails for the particular files are being deleted by FileRun, and I have checked this to work as expected, even with a custom thumbnail cache folder.

However, I did find a particular case, where thumbnails are left behind. That is, when you delete a folder, while having a custom thumbnail cache folder configured. Without this configuration, deleting a folder removes the thumbnail cache, given that thumnails are stored by default inside the actual folder, but with a remote thumbnail cache, all the thumbnails that were created inside the deleted folder are not cleared. Perhaps it is the case for your experience.

(Changing this thread to a bug report. Thank you for pointing it out!)


A FileRun update is now available for installation. It includes a fix for the mentioned problem.

For installing updates, please use this guide: https://docs.filerun.com/updating