List view when sharing a folder

Michael A 7 years ago updated by Craig M 3 years ago 11

This would allow for displaying list view of folder contents when sharing a file. Currently file names are clipped and not easily navigateable or sortable for a novice user/client.



The option will be available with the next update.

Under review

Thank you for the suggestion! We are researching for a solution for this.


The option will be available with the next update.

It would be cool to chose the sortable methode lso for shared links(modified)

It seems that there is an option for shared links to have both thumbnails and the full filename - wich is always a problem with the grid view. How can I activate this list-view with thumbnails?


I am afraid there is no option for that anymore. The thumbnails are no longer shown in the list view, as the thumbnail processing can trigger very high usage on the server.

I think that's a pity. Because my customers - who I share my links with - can not read the full filenames in grid view. The photogallery shows no filenames and the list view shows no thumbnails.

I dont understand your argument about the server usage, because in grid view and gallery you have the same thing.

Iif I could wish for anything, it would be either a list view with thumbnails or a grid view with full file names ;-)


We'll add the thumbs back in the list mode, with the next update.

Is there anyway of making the list view the default when creating a new weblink?

Edit - ignore me, I found https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/704-weblink-list-view.