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Mobile UI glitches

Jules G 1 week ago in Feature requests • updated 7 hours ago 4

The UI on small devices is a adapting a little bit, but not fully. Login for example opens as a large website on a tiny phone, folders a organized correctly, but phone sees the full webpage as a large one (dimensions) : you can scroll to the right, heading to a blank part of the site.

This is on an iPhone 5s with iOS 12 (did it on iOS 11 too).

There are also iPad specific issues : some windows are missing save buttons for example (like in the advanced link sharing menu). Selecting a folder (or file) does not open it. I have to browse using the side tree. Selecting it twice or more does not solve it. The scrolling issue on the iPhone is also present.

with iPad Mini 4 running iOS 12, did that on iOS 11 too.

Do you plan on solving these issues ? :)

Oh, a suggestion regarding file selection. use a to selecting option. The first one to select the file, and use the menu to edit stuff, and the second to finaly open it.

Thanks, and again, great tool you have ! :)

Seems It's not planned to solve this :/

Under review

All reported possible problems are being checked. We just didn't get to review these ones just yet. I will post as soon as I have more information. Thank you for the report!

Ok, no problem. I can post some screenshots if you'd like. From iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 4 ;)

ill also add : for copying files, instead of right click only to past, add this option in the 3 dots menu on top. Would be useful for mobile or touch only devices ;)