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Notification of sharing folder or document

Gerald F 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Is is possible to have an option when a user

creates a share to notify members of the creation or modification of this division, with the possibility to customize the message.

It would still be possible to create it at the global level of the server,

but it would be more convenient if the user could do it.

Thank you


Under review

You mention "or modification", so this option would be available also for re-notifying "old" users (users that already have access to the particular share)?

Would this message be the same for all users listed on the sharing panel under "Share with"? Or you would find it useful to send different messages to different users?

I meant by modification, when a new user was added to an existing share.

For the second question, yes it would be better if the message could be personalized, but already if there was a notification would be fine.