Aesthetical bug #2. Drag & drop

Enrico T 7 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 years ago 2

Highlighted destination item is not 'un-highlighted' if user changes his mind and does not drop the file into FileRun.

1. Open a destination folder

2. Pick up a file from the desktop and drag it into the folder or on the folders tree. Destination will be highlighted in blue.

3. DO NOT drop it, but drag it again outside FileRun (outside the browser) to cancel operation.

4. You will see that FileRun still keeps highlighted the last item on which the file was drag on (that could be both the folders tree or the files window). Highlighting won't be turned off even if you change folder or click other items after you have cancelled the operation by dropping the file outside FileRun.

Verified on Firefox and Chrome.


Thank you for the bug report. It will get fixed soon!


A fix will be included with the next FileRun update.