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Prevent Shared Link change

irfantony 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


I found my shared links change in several incident. My client reported that "The requested file is no longer available!" So I login again (as superuser) and make a shared link again.

I may missed some settings. So how we prevent this?


Under review

A shared link can expire under quite a few conditions. For example, if you have set an expiration, a download number limit, or perhaps the files were just no longer there, or the files have been renamed from outside FileRun, etc.

Hi Vlad, thank you for your reply.

I can confirm there's no settings I put on Advance > Options. It just blank as per default settings.

I'm away from accessing my Filerun server during the weekend, and then found the link I share last week is broken again. I got "The requested file is no longer available!"

Is there anything I can do to prevent the link is working and the file is always available to access? 

Appreciate your help