Embed to WP post/page

irfantony 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


I'm able to embed the video on WP post/page using shared link. However, there's a button menu (3 dots) on video player, when clicked, pop up a Download Button.

Can we prevent this download function? Or at least hide the download button.

I try to limit the download to "0" (Share link > Advance > Download Limit) but no effect. 



No, you have absolutely no control over the player shown by the browser.

Also, you have no way of blocking the downloading on a shared file. A file needs to be downloaded in order for it to be played. Not showing an obvious download button won't prevent users from saving the file the browser just played.

Thanks Vlad for your reply.

OK, Noted that the download function is from video player of WP, not Filerun.