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Onlyoffice opening existing word documents as blank pages

Matt V 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 2

Hi Vlad,

I've been having a problem with Onlyoffice lately that is causing my documents to open as blank pages. I have tried to track the issue down myself looking through the logs, etc. but I cannot find anything that may be causing my issue. The exact issue is that existing word documents are opening as blank pages, when the document should have information in it.

I realize there are a number of things that could be causing this, but I will list a few basics of my setup to hopefully help narrow things down:

  1. I'm running onlyoffice on the same server as filerun, but filerun connects to onlyoffice via reverse proxy
    1. The reverse proxy should be configured correctly with client_max_body_size 50M
    2. I can connect to onlyoffice via reverse proxy using HTTPS at the url editor.docs.mysite.com
    3. onlyoffice HTTPS runs on port 444, filerun HTTPS runs on port 443
  2. onlyoffice, filerun and dependencies are at the latest versions (onlyoffice-documentserver v5.2.2)
  3. filerun is using php7.0 and should have all php.ini settings configured per your guide.
  4. User files directory has permissions www-data:www-data

When I double click to open a document:

Image 233

After the document has been opened:

Image 234

Another issue that may or may not be related is that I can't get XSendFile acceleration to work. When I have that enabled in file->misc options->enable download accelerator, downloaded files are 0-byte files.


Vlad, I apologize for this! The issue was with Onlyoffice, not Filerun. The Redis server had broken for some reason, I was able to view, edit and save documents again once I fixed Redis.

The issue with Redis was the systemctl service had stopped and would not start correctly again. I had to purge it, then make install from the source. I think some configs had become overwritten during an update or something.

Not a bug

Thank you for letting us know what the problem was! Other users might find useful the described solution.