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Export Weblinks and its respective Folders

irfantony 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4


A downloadable list of weblinks (URLs) and its respective Folders would benefit users with lots of files to share/maintain. Preferably in csv or excel format.

Hope others can see the benefit to have such a file handy.


The download links can be implemented individually in here: 

There's an select option in each Path and COPY button next to OPEN WEB LINK button. 
Just an idea... 

Under review

Do you mind giving an example use for the exported data? Just so that we understand its purpose.

At the moment I'm presenting some private clouds (Filerun one of them) to a medium corporation for their in-house training. They don't want to store the training materials (pdf, PowerPoint and videos) on the cloud. They prefer to have their own server behind firewall. I develop front end app to render PowerPoint and videos. I'll have plenty folders, sub folders and files on Filerun server. So really needs this functionality. 

Appreciate if you would consider to have this feature on Filerun. 

This is also useful to trace back any web link changes if it ever happen.