"The requested file is no longer available!" - error

Antonio P 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 1


I am using office web viewer as default , everything is fine, i can preview files correctly, but there is an issue , when I try to download word files from viewer itself I get this error:


The requested file is no longer available!

It does not happen with excel files, only Word and power point files.

Any idea how can it be solved?

thanks in advance


Opening a file from FileRun in a third-party viewer is done by creating a temporary download link/URL for the viewer to retrieve the file data. For the privacy and security of your files, these created download links are valid for a single download. When using the file saving function in these programs, some provide the cached data for saving, others just forward you to the same download link (which is no longer available, triggering the mentioned error).