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Log/Mail spam when using WebDAV

Shadow 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


when I connect to FileRun using WebDAV/Windows Explorer, I get alot of useless log entries looking like the following.

Image 245

To me it looks like Windows Explorer is testing the connection or permissions, which is being picked up by the log and triggers E-Mails. Would it be possible to blacklist test.file in the logger or go around this somehow? Everytime a user connects using Windows Explorer he receives a "spam" mail because a new file has been uploaded.

Under review

Are you using a third-party program for mounting the WebDAV access, or Windows' own "network location"?

I'm using the tools of Windows 10, but for some reason I'm able to mount my FileRun installation as a network drive but not as a network location. Both ways work when I use the FileRun demo link so there must be something wrong with my server setup.

So if you're not supposed to mount FileRun as a network drive, this issue will never come up.

I hope you know a fix for this, else I'd just leave it as it is, as this feature is just "nice to have" for me but not necessarily needed. I'll check for php errors later.