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Notification option when user share folder with other user

Gerald F 7 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

When a user share folder with other user, I can check an option to send a notification by email with selected user.

The e-mail notification system includes this by default. The requirement is that the user has his "E-mail notifications" option checked. Would you like to force a notification regardless of the option?

Yes, I know this option, but the idea is more complexe, there are two case:

a) Simple : if user A access to folder sharing by user B, in the menu 'more option', user A cannot check notification option for him

b) More difficult : if a user B sharing folder with other user or a group, it would be interesting

for the user B to send a message directly to the list of people to indicate that he has just

opened a sharing right. In this option, this implies a communication system between

users by mail.

But it should certainly think more on the way that it could take.

Otherwise a little things, in the same way, as for weblinks, it would be nice to have access to a list of notifications that have created by the user (in admin panel, and in short list for user).

Thank you.