Dark version theme

Roger Z 3 months ago in Feature requests • updated by Vlad R yesterday at 3:29 p.m. 10

Is a dark version coming in the next updates?


Ask and you shall receive :)

Final version might vary.

wow cool, can i download this version?

  1. Download the CSS file http://bit.ly/2ufAoVj
  2. Save it to "customizables/custom_theme.css"
  3. Set the "Color theme" to "Custom", from FileRun's control panel, under "Branding"
  4. Give feedback and report problems, kindly :)

Yeah, it works!

Thank you very much, its a nice theme, good work!

Is this a Global only setting or can you assign a different theme per user?

Good question. So far it's a global setting, but feel free to post a feature request if you would find it useful to have a per-user option.

I would even add a setting for dark theme to be turned on after a set time ! ;)

Is it possible to re-upload it :D

The above link has been now updated to work.