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Nextcloud desktop client downloads all files not just changes?

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Hi Vlad,

I've been meaning to ask this question for a while. Forgive me if I'm not using the right technical terms.
Is there any way to make the Nextcloud client upload/download only those files that have changed since the last sync (when run for the first time for the day)? 

I ask this because whenever the Nextcloud client is launched for the first time for the day, I get the impression that it downloads all of the files on the Filerun server (and probably uploads any files that have changed since the last sync).

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That shouldn't happen. The desktop sync app should only transfer, in any direction, only the files that changed. Do check the "Sync Protocol" tab under "Activity", to make sure this is actually happening.

Checked the "Sync Protocol" tab, which shows that the NC client is downloading files that already exist locally and haven't changed since the last sync.

Can it be that the files' modified dates are getting somehow changed on the server? (This is the criteria based on which the Nextcloud app decides that a file might be changed and needs updating.)

I can't say. But the NC client has always behaved like this with Filerun.

Whenever I start my PC for the day, or whenever the PC "wakes up", the NC client 1) checks for changes, then 2) downloads everything.

Below are screenshots of the checking phase and the download phase:

I also use the NC client to connect to a Nextcloud server and the client behaves as you said it should.

Does it still redownload everything when you click "Force sync now"? Or this happens only on PC wake up?

No, it doesn't redownload everything when I force a sync. 

The downloads happen when the app runs for the first time for the day, and on PC wake up.