Not a bug

Desktop sync app error: unknown error

vu samduc 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hi every one.

I"m creating my own FileRun server at address: http://ducvu.byethost22.com/

The site work correctly using web browser.

However, when I setup the desktop sync app, it display the following error:

Image 271

Is there any factor or requirement that needed from my server to make it available for desktop sync?

Is it only available for HTTPS?

i appreciate for your help in advance

Not a bug

What's up with the "?i=1" redirect?

Hi @Vlad R,

Thank you for pointing out the problem.

I’m using the free hosting service to host this site, so it seem that they add this parameter to protect from some botwares. I will try to disable it if possible.