Desktop sync app error: connection closed

vu samduc 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 1

Hi every one,

I build a sample FileRun in my free hosting service at address: https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com

The site work correctly by using browser.

However, when I try to setup the WIndows client sync, it cannot connect.

It said "Connection closed" after input username/password:

Image 272

I do some checking but still cannot find the cause of problem:

- Check the webdav URL from browser: https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com/remote.php/webdav

  I create a sample user "test" / password "test" in case someone need for checking

  -> It still able to access with the above username/password

- This is the log file of Nextcloud client:

01-01 13:46:30:351 9748 OCC::ownCloudGui::slotOpenSettingsDialog: No configured folders yet, starting setup wizard
01-01 13:46:30:382 9748 OCC::OwncloudWizard::slotCurrentPageChanged: Current Wizard page changed to  0
01-01 13:46:30:444 9748 OCC::SocketApi::slotNewConnection: SocketApi:  New connection QLocalSocket(0x7a29a10)
01-01 13:46:30:444 9748 OCC::SocketApi::slotNewConnection: SocketApi:  New connection QLocalSocket(0x7a29a90)
01-01 13:46:33:350 9748 OCC::OCUpdater::backgroundCheckForUpdate: virtual void OCC::OCUpdater::backgroundCheckForUpdate() checking for available update
01-01 13:46:35:129 9748 OCC::NSISUpdater::versionInfoArrived: Client is on latest version!
01-01 13:46:44:539 9748 OCC::PostfixLineEdit::setFullText: ""
01-01 13:46:48:996 9748 OCC::PostfixLineEdit::setFullText: "https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com"
01-01 13:46:49:110 9748 OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard::slotDetermineAuthType: Trying to look up system proxy
01-01 13:46:49:115 9748 OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard::slotSystemProxyLookupDone: No system proxy set by OS
01-01 13:46:49:116 9748 OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::start: !!! OCC::CheckServerJob created for "https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com" + "status.php" "OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard"
01-01 13:46:50:457 9748 OCC::CheckServerJob::finished: status.php returns:  QMap(("edition", QVariant(QString, "FileRun :)"))("installed", QVariant(bool, true))("maintenance", QVariant(bool, false))("version", QVariant(QString, ""))("versionstring", QVariant(QString, "10.0.1")))   QNetworkReply::NetworkError(NoError)  Reply:  QNetworkReplyHttpImpl(0x7a28710)
01-01 13:46:50:457 9748 OCC::OwncloudWizard::appendToConfigurationLog: Setup-Log:  "<font color="\"green\"">Successfully connected to https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com/status.php: Nextcloud version 10.0.1 (</font>

01-01 13:46:50:457 9748 OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard::slotOwnCloudFoundAuth: void OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard::slotOwnCloudFoundAuth(const QUrl&, const QVariantMap&)  was redirected to "https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com"
01-01 13:46:50:457 9748 OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::start: !!! OCC::DetermineAuthTypeJob created for "https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com" + "" "OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard"
01-01 13:46:50:735 9748 OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished: void OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished() QNetworkReply::NetworkError(AuthenticationRequiredError) "Host requires authentication" QVariant(int, 401)
01-01 13:46:50:735 9748 OCC::DetermineAuthTypeJob::finished: virtual bool OCC::DetermineAuthTypeJob::finished() ""
01-01 13:46:50:750 9748 OCC::OwncloudWizard::slotCurrentPageChanged: Current Wizard page changed to  1
01-01 13:47:06:332 9748 OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard::slotConnectToOCUrl: Connect to url:  "https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com"
01-01 13:47:06:333 9748 OCC::OwncloudWizard::appendToConfigurationLog: Setup-Log:  "Trying to connect to Nextcloud at https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com..."
01-01 13:47:06:335 9748 OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::start: !!! OCC::PropfindJob created for "https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com" + "/" "OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard"
01-01 13:47:08:080 9748 OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished: void OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished() QNetworkReply::NetworkError(RemoteHostClosedError) "Connection closed" QVariant(Invalid)
01-01 13:47:08:081 9748 OCC::PropfindJob::finished: PROPFIND request *not* successful, http result code is 0 ""

- I also tried to check from internet, some thread said that I need to install PHP-FPM on server, but because it is free hosting service, I"m not sure it is available or not. Or maybe it is not the cause of the problem, is it?

This is the PHPinfo() of my server: https://ducvu.000webhostapp.com/info.php

 - My client computer does not use any proxy.

So, is there any improper configuration that can cause the problem in my case?

i appreciate for your help in advance


Your web hosting service tech support would be the only people able to tell you what goes on on their servers and why is their HTTP server closing the connection. Free hosting services have various limitations, so it's not surprising.