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Adobe Creative Cloud

siahtek 1 month ago • updated by Vlad R 1 month ago 5

Adobe Creative Cloud is resizing my images down to 498x1024 is there a way to stop this?

Under review

Adobe discontinued the public image editor tool. It will probably stop working altogether soon. We are looking for alternatives.

That unfortunate, Thanks for the update.

We are developing our own basic image editor, with resizing, cropping, rotating and flipping. Any particular features you were using from Creative Cloud editor?

That covers all the features I was using on Creative Cloud editor (if the rotation can be used to straighten images)

If you could develop it to be hosted on our servers with FileRun so it doesn't need to be uploaded to another site would be an added bonus.


Thank you for the reply.

That's the idea. It will be fast and won't have any third-party requirements.