Best File Viewer Plug-in for Touch Screens

NPb 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3


I have now setup my FileRun environment with full index searching and thumbnails and it works beautify.  I have also installed an OnlyOffice instance and this embeds perfectly and I can view/edit all the files.  

This works perfectly on my laptop, but I will most often be using the FileRun site on my tablet.  The embedded OnlyOffice interface is too complicated/fiddly for a touch screen environment.  It is impossible to use.

It looks like the Android App is not as mature as the web interface for FileRun so I will be avoiding that until it is updated.

I do not need to edit the files through FileRun so what I really need is a very simple viewer for PDF and Office files which allow easy scrolling on a tablet.  I realise that I could use the Google Viewer, but the whole point of self hosting is so that I don't have to push my files out over the Internet, particularly to the likes of Google.

Is there a way of "dumbing down" the OnlyOffice plug-in to be just a very simple viewer which I can use with a touch screen, or is there an alternative viewer which I can self host?

Thanks, K.

There are many good native Android apps for viewing PDF and Office files. The files would open the same, being from the web interface, the FileRun Android app or other app you might use to access FileRun.

There would be no need to use a plugin which sends data to a third-party service to convert it just for displaying.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

If I install an Android app for viewing the files, this means that they would have to pulled down to the tablet before they are viewed.  They point of having the web interface with a built in viewer was to keep the documents on the server for quick access and just view when through the client.  

Is there a way to keep the documents on the server and view them through the web interface?

Having a document being converted from a binary file to a web viewing format, and loaded in a web viewer, is not going to be quicker than loading the file itself into a local viewer. The amount of data that goes from the webserver to your device is not going to be smaller.