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Error downloading larger files only with safari

mail 5 months ago • updated by Vlad R 3 days ago 8

When i try to downlad a file of about 900 MB, Safari stops shortly before with „network connection lost“. but i can open the interrupped downloaded file with „show package content“ and inside there is the whole file. 

Firefox and Chrome work fine. When i download the same file (for testing) from wetransfer with safari, it also works with no issue. so it must have to do something small with filerun. maybe not. but i hope, someone can help me here. 

Everything else works like a charm. (hosted server, osx sierra, )

many thanks in advance. 


Sounds like you are downloading some type of archive file. What is the extension of the file on the server?

It‘s a mp4 file. but it occures also with a zip or a mov. doesn‘t matter. little bit spooky because it‘s only with safari in combination with filerun. even on different macs. as i said, doesn‘t happen with firefox or chrome nor with wetransfer or dropbox. i‘m sure there is something small buggy, what i caused or i don‘t know. 

So, my (maybe very personal) problem persists. With any file, larger than ca. 400MB, with Safari "only"!, I get the following error codes related to safari after the failed download, which really isn't (see first post):

0x1207e2a20 - Download::didFail: (id = 2, isTimeout = 0, isCancellation = 0, errCode = -1005)

WK2 download request 0x60000020a2a0: didFailWithError domain: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1005 "(null)"

and this is from mysql log (xxxx-ed the paths out):

/xxxxxxx/?module=fileman§ion=do&page=download&archiveName=Logic%20Sessions (POST)
2019-05-27T11:52:26+02:00 - INSERT INTO `df_logs` SET `uid`='1',`action`='download',`date`=NOW(),`path`='',`data`='a:3:{s:9:\"full_path\";s:82:\"/xxx/xxx/xx/xxxx/xxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx xxx/ashes_neu.zip\";s:13:\"relative_path\";s:46:\"/ROOT/HOME/xxx/xxx xxx/ashes_neu.zip\";s:9:\"file_size\";s:9:\"420902462\";}'
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

/xxxx/?module=fileman§ion=do&page=download&archiveName=Logic%20Sessions (POST)
2019-05-27T11:52:26+02:00 - SELECT uid,homefolder FROM df_users_permissions WHERE ((SUBSTRING('/xxx/xxx/xx/xxxx/xxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/ashes_neu.zip', 1, CHAR_LENGTH(homefolder)) = homefolder) AND (homefolder != ''))
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

i hope, that somebody here can help me with this. everything else is running perfect or runs 100% only with firefox or chrome.

thank you and all the best


The root problem is not with downloading, Safari, or even FileRun. It's with your MySQL server. I recommend you to google "MySQL server has gone away" and solve that particular problem, and everything will be fine after that.

but why is it only with safari in combination with filerun? not with firefox nor chrome and filerun? oh yes, i googled blisters on my fingers  :) without success. so i think, safari is downloading files in some other way than firefox or chrome together with filerun and takes more time or what ever.

Does it happen with all Mac computers you can try?

yes with all macs and even on macs connected with different routers (e.g. from friends)

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