Error downloading larger files only with safari

mail 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

When i try to downlad a file of about 900 MB, Safari stops shortly before with „network connection lost“. but i can open the interrupped downloaded file with „show package content“ and inside there is the whole file. 

Firefox and Chrome work fine. When i download the same file (for testing) from wetransfer with safari, it also works with no issue. so it must have to do something small with filerun. maybe not. but i hope, someone can help me here. 

Everything else works like a charm. (hosted server, osx sierra, )

many thanks in advance. 


Sounds like you are downloading some type of archive file. What is the extension of the file on the server?

It‘s a mp4 file. but it occures also with a zip or a mov. doesn‘t matter. little bit spooky because it‘s only with safari in combination with filerun. even on different macs. as i said, doesn‘t happen with firefox or chrome nor with wetransfer or dropbox. i‘m sure there is something small buggy, what i caused or i don‘t know.