Error downloading larger files only with safari

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When i try to downlad a file of about 900 MB, Safari stops shortly before with „network connection lost“. but i can open the interrupped downloaded file with „show package content“ and inside there is the whole file. 

Firefox and Chrome work fine. When i download the same file (for testing) from wetransfer with safari, it also works with no issue. so it must have to do something small with filerun. maybe not. but i hope, someone can help me here. 

Everything else works like a charm. (hosted server, osx sierra, )

many thanks in advance. 


Sounds like you are downloading some type of archive file. What is the extension of the file on the server?

It‘s a mp4 file. but it occures also with a zip or a mov. doesn‘t matter. little bit spooky because it‘s only with safari in combination with filerun. even on different macs. as i said, doesn‘t happen with firefox or chrome nor with wetransfer or dropbox. i‘m sure there is something small buggy, what i caused or i don‘t know. 

So, my (maybe very personal) problem persists. With any file, larger than ca. 400MB, with Safari "only"!, I get the following error codes related to safari after the failed download, which really isn't (see first post):

0x1207e2a20 - Download::didFail: (id = 2, isTimeout = 0, isCancellation = 0, errCode = -1005)

WK2 download request 0x60000020a2a0: didFailWithError domain: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1005 "(null)"

and this is from mysql log (xxxx-ed the paths out):

/xxxxxxx/?module=fileman§ion=do&page=download&archiveName=Logic%20Sessions (POST)
2019-05-27T11:52:26+02:00 - INSERT INTO `df_logs` SET `uid`='1',`action`='download',`date`=NOW(),`path`='',`data`='a:3:{s:9:\"full_path\";s:82:\"/xxx/xxx/xx/xxxx/xxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx xxx/ashes_neu.zip\";s:13:\"relative_path\";s:46:\"/ROOT/HOME/xxx/xxx xxx/ashes_neu.zip\";s:9:\"file_size\";s:9:\"420902462\";}'
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

/xxxx/?module=fileman§ion=do&page=download&archiveName=Logic%20Sessions (POST)
2019-05-27T11:52:26+02:00 - SELECT uid,homefolder FROM df_users_permissions WHERE ((SUBSTRING('/xxx/xxx/xx/xxxx/xxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/ashes_neu.zip', 1, CHAR_LENGTH(homefolder)) = homefolder) AND (homefolder != ''))
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

i hope, that somebody here can help me with this. everything else is running perfect or runs 100% only with firefox or chrome.

thank you and all the best


The root problem is not with downloading, Safari, or even FileRun. It's with your MySQL server. I recommend you to google "MySQL server has gone away" and solve that particular problem, and everything will be fine after that.

but why is it only with safari in combination with filerun? not with firefox nor chrome and filerun? oh yes, i googled blisters on my fingers  :) without success. so i think, safari is downloading files in some other way than firefox or chrome together with filerun and takes more time or what ever.

Does it happen with all Mac computers you can try?

yes with all macs and even on macs connected with different routers (e.g. from friends)

Under review

Still having this problem with the latest FileRun version?

Closed for lack of information

sorry for the late...hollidays. i updated successfully, but unfortunately the error still occurs. even worse. now if i look in the package, like i said before, it's empty, still shows the full size e.g of 2 GB. and still all the other browsers are working. and your update is really cool, even more it's so frustrating, that there ist this nasty error. in the meantime i use the feature "....force users to read the text before downloading" and tell them there should use firefox or chrome for the large files.


Please e-mail us a test web link and we'll check it out.


any news?

I still have this issue. Even on a new mac with Mojave clean install. Newest Safari with the same problem: downloads full, but then saying something like: "The operation could not be completed" But the file is downloaded (i see the file size). it still has an .download extension. I can duplicate this file, get rid of this .download extension and then there is this file. As i said before, no problems at all with Firefox nor Chrome, no problem with the same file downloaded with We Transfer on Safari. Maybe someone can confirm this issue. Thanx in advance for any help. (btw. i emailed a link to you for checking out)

Finally it works. I don't know really why, but after i put these additional php settings for php error log in my ini file (

expose_php = Off
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
display_errors = Off
display_startup_errors = Off
log_errors = On
error_log = /kunden/homepages/xx/xxxx/htdocsxxx/xx/php_error.log
ignore_repeated_errors = Off


safari downloads big files(>4GB) without any problem.

But still i have this php/mysql errors in the log file:

[07-Aug-2019 18:33:22 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: PDO::query(): MySQL server has gone away in /homepages/xx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxxx/system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Utils/DB.php on line 32

[07-Aug-2019 18:33:22 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: PDO::query(): Error reading result set's header in /homepages/xx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxxx/system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Utils/DB.php on line 32

As long as it's running, no problem. what do you think?

all the best


The problem remains the same as mentioned a while back. Your MySQL server is configured to close connections very quick. The download starts, it probably takes a considerable amount of time, during which the MySQL server decides is should close the connection, and when the download completes, FileRun tries to perform various operations with the database (like logging the action to the user activity log), and errors out because "MySQL has gone away".
With the previous configuration, the error was being pushed to the output, mixing with the download's contents, breaking the file. With error displaying now disabled, the error message no longer gets mixed into the file's contents, so the downloaded file is intact. But the action doesn't get logged by FileRun still.

Thanks a lot. I understand. So there is only one mystery left for me: Why is it only Safari? Just to know it. But that probably stays in Cupertino. Thanx again.